by Send Away Stranger

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released May 7, 2014

Recorded, produced, and mixed by David Settle
Mastered by Chris Common
Art by Emily Wilson



all rights reserved


Send Away Stranger Tallahassee, Florida

Band from Tallahassee, FL. Formerly of Gainesville, FL.

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Track Name: Tongue and Teeth
I should stop throwing
All these books I’ve never opened
Into boxes I’ll never see again,
But I know how the stories end.

My mistakes slip so smoothly
Through the cracks between my memories
But you’ll all have forgotten this by then.

You’re missing out and you’ll never know it
And I’m restless with ideas
While you sit in silent doubt,
A house that’s been snowed in.

Sticks and stones will break like bones
But your words just sink deeper.

It’s too late for this.

Existence is the only way out of it.
Track Name: St. Angry
Everybody go lay down.
Keep your weapons right beside so you can stand your ground.
Put your hands over your faces.
Hear nothing, be complacent.

Settle down and have some children.
Pray to god you’ll be forgiven
For doing nothing all along.

The grass doesn’t scratch
The itch on my back like it used to.
Or maybe it’s the itch that’s moved.

Out with the old guns and in with the nukes.
Put a hole in the ground for this state to sink into.

You wear your heart on your wrist.
It’s as empty as the pit I’ve seen inside your chest.
Let it bleed.
I’m seeing a shade of red I didn’t know existed.

Fuck it she said it
(Let’s not forget how this happened)
I’m so apathetic.
(Like two kids playing too close to traffic.)
Track Name: Loopholes
The walls in this empty apartment
Echo the last things you said to me .
And this lack of sleep
These past few weeks
Is all that's been keeping me company.
And I must admit I feel betrayed
For you to call it quits because you're afraid of change.

So check,
Because the walls are not as hollow as they seem
Through the cracks
In every corner we are splitting at the seams.

Because you have always been what I can't become again.

Nothing feels the same.
Well what keeps you warm in the winter months?
Aren't you cold with what you were wearing?
Because it makes it easy to see through you completely.

How can I pretend that this wasn't anything but a flake on your failing attempts to start listening?
So you're leaving again.
(You turned your back to save face you walked away again.)

How can I, how could I forget?
Track Name: I Hate My Shelf
How many years?
And you took two weeks
To find the next one
And you were back on your feet.
It’s as if nothing happened.

Tracking the time didn’t make any sense
Until weeks turned into nothing
As you sat on your fence while
I waited there wondering
“What the fuck is going on?”

Go fuck yourself, or whoever else
Tells you that you look beautiful tonight.

‘Cause I think it’s too late
For reasons and corrections.

Thank you for the lessons we’ve shared
And for helping me to see.
Tallahassee, I think you’ll be
Better off without me.