Cool Wild Whatever

by Send Away Stranger

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Cover photo by Kevin Pinner.

Design/layout by Jerrod Landon Porter at

Recorded by Matthew Finch and Ryan Williams at Black Bear Studios in Gainesville, FL.

Guest vox:
Steven Gray on Beats Me, Dog.
Mitch Soule on We're Out of the Band.


released December 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Send Away Stranger Tallahassee, Florida

Band from Tallahassee, FL. Formerly of Gainesville, FL.

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Track Name: All I Do Is Fart And Party
I'm through with it
It blows my mind to deal with this shit
I'm over every penny I've spent
This isn't how it could've been

Nights like this I come to amends

Tearing at my insides with bandaged hands
Just enough grip for this bottle
Forget about. . .
Tearing at my insides with bandaged hands

A new town, a fresh face
This old dog needs new tricks
But the cat's got his tongue
It’s stubborn and still holding on
Track Name: Beats Me, Dog
I've lost so many hours this year
A team of bloodhounds couldn't find them all
And if I could rest, I would
But we're not getting any younger here

The moonlit pool is teasing you to swim
The streetlights need a dance under them
Tonight I'm leaving town on a whim

I could fall asleep at the wheel
As I cross the county line
Keeping pace with the paint marks
I stop noticing road signs
And this is the first time I've felt this helpless and horrified
This whole trip has got me on edge
But let's be honest I always tend to make decisions that I regret
I'm moving out
For home, for house,
A place of residence, a little further south
I just want to go home
Track Name: Not Called Ghost Boat
A long way to water
I'm tracing circles in the sand
This thirst, it burns, and it hurts to know
That I'm just throwing curses at the wind

You don't know shit
And I don't know shit
I'm spitting sentiments to make some sense of this

And you don't know shit
And I don't know shit
It's finally time we started realizing it
Track Name: Am I Serious?
Run away
Can't you see that I am not a fighter
I've been stuck in this moment for the past three weeks
And all the ways
I can feel that I am not beside her
I'll do whatever I can to stay off my feet

White lies
You thought I wouldn't notice
But I'm just not that naive

Stepping into the unknown without you
It's there I'm staying
It's there that I belong

I won't come back
Track Name: We're Out of the Band
This house has gotten taller
But my stature's just not what it used to be
I put my ear to the ground in hopes to hear the sound
Of floorboards creaking underneath your feet
I'm feigning self-esteem
It always seems my self-doubt gets the best of me

Don't leave without the curtains drawn
Don't leave the tall-boys on the lawn
Give back the queen and take the pawn
Track Name: Arnolde English
It only takes one not so fucked up mistake
You wouldn't even know what you'd done
And everyone that you thought was around you is gone

I've been holding all these words inside
I didn't want to waste them on your wall
I'm growing tired of the sidelines
And I don't belong here
I've been waiting for a long, long time
Not to write a song about it but to vent
It's hard perceiving with a black eye
But I think I've found some time to mend

They say good things come to an end
I say to you, believe in them.